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Best IDEs for Developers

Best IDEs for Developers

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Sarthak Roy
Oct 2, 2020

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First of all, "What's an IDE?"

An IDE or Integrated Development Environment is software that helps a developer with all tools ready for programming. So, In Simple Words, An IDE brings all these tools under a single window.

Now the questions will arise, "What features will an IDE provide a Programmer?"

So, The Features of a IDE are:

  1. An Easy to understand Graphical User Interface
  2. A Text editor to write Syntax
  3. A Debugger to find bugs in the Syntax
  4. A Compiler or Interpreter to run your program
  5. A Build or Make Integration to make packages of your program to distribute And Etc. as there are countless useful features of an IDE which will help a programmer in every aspect.

Now, Its finally here is a list of some best IDEs you can try:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio (Its my Favourite IDE)
  2. Apple Xcode (only for macOS users)
  3. IntelliJ IDEA
  4. NetBeans IDE
  5. Eclipse IDE
  6. Komodo IDE
  7. PyCharm IDE (only for Python)
  8. PhpStorm IDE (only for Web Development and specially for PHP)
  9. WebStorm IDE (only for Web Development and specially for JavaScript)
  10. RubyMine IDE (only for Ruby and Ruby on Rails)
  11. Code::Blocks IDE (only for C/C++)

Now the last question which comes in everyone's mind is that "Which is the Best IDE to use?" When you want to know that which is the best IDE , it totally depends upon your specific needs. Maybe the IDE you like, another developer wont like it. So, It totally depends on your needs. For Example, for me Microsoft Visual Studio is best but for one of my friend, Eclipse IDE is the best. And Sometimes, the smallest feature in a IDE makes a too much difference for a developer.

Thanks for the read, Stay Tuned for some more interesting posts.

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