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Why is Apple macOS preferred by Developers

Why is Apple macOS preferred by Developers

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·Oct 7, 2020·

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Today, We will talk about why is Apple macOS preferred by Developers worldwide.


macOS was developed by Apple Inc. in 1984. Since then, its been a top notch Operating system. So why is it so , Lets find out.

  1. macOS is basically Unix based which makes it so special. macOS is built on top of Darwin kernel which is based on Unix and is also POSIX-compliant So it can handle ports of most Linux software for example Homebrew.And macOS also allows you to dive deeper with the terminal and use real shells like bash, fish, and zsh just like Linux.

  2. macOS has insane developer community support

  3. macOS is super compatible with any programming languag. Apple's Xcode provides all the compiler infrastructure you’ll need to get started with Homebrew - gcc, clang, make, all important things of the toolchain for getting everything up and running.

  4. macOS provides you the best Power and Beauty experience with its elegent User Interface

  5. macOS is very strict in security and privacy so...bye bye hackers

  6. Very long software support for even older mac models

  7. If you are a iOS developer as well as a Android developer, macOS is for you. iOS development is only available in macOS and side by side you can also do Android development as Android Studio is supported in it. And for developing macOS apps, you will obviously need a macOS system with Xcode.

  8. Suppose if you need Windows, its super easy to get windows in a mac....Thanks to Bootcamp which helps to install Windows.

  9. The most important thing which you will miss in Linux is productivity softwares like Adobe Creative Cloud or Microsoft Office. So, macOS will be a marvel for you as it supports Adobe Creative Cloud.

Therefore, macOS is overall a balance between Power and Beauty and its a marvel for developers.

Thanks for the read, Stay Tuned for some more interesting posts.

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